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Rural PM is a farm to fork life cycle incubator and an educational organization composed of several social entrepreneurs who have joined forces to find solutions for a ‘problem tree’, by bringing extended know-how and experiences together primarily from agriculture, software, design, hospitality, psychology and education sectors. 


Rural PM fosters circular thinking practices and empowers organizations to embrace human and environment centric management models. Through our education programs, we provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for agriculture and food system actors, offering a plethora of resources. From transformative learning, social return on investment tours and incubation camps, to insightful articles and exercises, we aim to educate, upscale and inspire people about the entire journey of agriculture and food. 


Our mission is to enhance management capacities of actors along the path from farm to fork cycle to protect environmental and gastronomic legacies.

At the root of this problem tree we are focusing on, there are inefficiencies in agricultural practices, mismanagement of rural policies and erosion of gastronomic heritage. The following long-term seeds that we have been sowing since 2011, guide us along our path:

  • How can we design and co-create transformation paths for the agriculture and food system actors with the aim of maturing their management structures?

  • ​How farming and HORECA professionals can be guided towards circular systems to produce regenerative solutions in our culture and gastronomy?

  • ​How can we exemplify simple, fit for purpose and efficient management practices for the use of farm to fork policy makers and their related ecosystems?

Join our Incubation Program 
to boost your initiative outcomes, reduce waste and many more!

Preselection begins 2.week of each month.

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