What is this program about?

Unfolding the right capabilities and setting up a management structure at the initial stage of any initiative

is one of the biggest obstacles for farmers, producers and HORECA professionals.

This Incubation Program provides a group of project management tools and techniques, professional guidance

and trainings to strength up their agribusiness or HORECA initiatives. Program duration varies from 2 to 10 weeks depending on participants.


  • Level up project management capacities of farmers, rural professionals, hotel and restaurant business owners and staff

  • Reveal potentials to improve social return on investment

  • Empower rural areas and its related stakeholders with up-to-date strategies 

  • Building capable networks between rural and HORECA professionals and potential helpers

  • Protect and enrich gastronomic legacies of particular regions


  • Prior farming experience, such as family farming, internships, or similar trainings

  • Prior HORECA experience such as back office, front desk, management, kitchen and all related positions

  • Must have a clear eco farm business concept and commitment to farming with respect for the environment

  • Must have sustainable HORECA business concept and commitment to executing with respect of environment 



  • Unique management techniques and tools from developed sectors

  • Project development support with planning, financial management, IT environment management and lobbying

  • Agile and Lean Project Management trainings and technical workshops

  • Access to meet global farmers, producers and HORECA professionals

  • Individual mentoring from experienced farmers, producers and HORECA professionals