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Incubation Program

Whether you are a startup or an existing organization modernizing your management structure to create fit for purpose products and services is a constant need. Environment changes and so do our problem solving skills. Unfolding the right capabilities and transforming our way of thinking and working at any stage of any initiative is one of the biggest obstacles for today’s farmers, chefs, producers, institutes and entrepreneurs. This program provides the essential ingredients to become a resilient, continuous learner and environment oriented value creator in the agriculture and food system landscape.

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Zero Cost

Management Incubation

For Agriculture and Food Initiatives

Each quarter, we welcome a group of participants (from early-stage to mature initiatives) to join our 2 to 8 weeks (depending on participant cases) management incubation program. Throughout this journey, you will master how to establish a management maturity, how to design services and products according to regenerative and circular principles using simplest techniques, and how to update your operating model with constant environmental changes. Our approach consists of bringing complete fundamentals for sustainable management maturity and providing hands-on advisory and access to the Rural PM network for life. 

Incubation Form
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