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What is this program about?

Unfolding the right capabilities and setting up a management structure at the initial stage of any initiative is one of the biggest obstacles for farmers, producers and HORECA professionals. This Incubation Program provides a group of project management know-how and techniques, professional advisory and training to strengthen up participant initiatives from a variety of domains such as agribusiness, farming, cultivation, hospitality, restauration, farm-to-table business, circular economy, food and agritech and biotech startups.

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Zero Cost

Hybrid Incubation

For Food & Agritech Initiatives

  • Natural boost to reach management 4.0 principles.

  • Competitive advantage in sustainable growth and efficiency management.

  • Program duration varies from 2 to 10 weeks depending on participant cases.

  • Only 15 participants per cohort.

Incubation Form
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